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Traditional Kalaripayattu Workshop - Certification Program

👉🏼Learn the basics of Kalaripayattu - an ancient martial art - to establish balance and stability.


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About Moksha Yoga Centre

Moksha Yoga Center was established in the year 2012 by Acharya Subodh Negi. It started with a few students and with the only motive/ purpose to serve the society leading them to a better and healthy lifestyle with the help of Yoga.

Ever since the progression of Moksha Yoga Center has been extremely phenomenal, as we educate more than 4000 students with reference to Yoga and Healthy lifestyle. We have hosted various events within and off-campus attracting and motivating more and more people to join and adapt the learnings that our ancestor's left behind for us.

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Reslish in Nature's Natural Gift


ATHMA KALARI is registered under Kerala Kalaripayattu Association (affiliated to Kerala State sports council TVPM) and Indian Kalaripayattu Federation recognised by the Ministry of youth affairs and sports government of India New Delhi is established by Ashan Vipin Das in 2005 is now among leading colour schools led by exceptional trainers and therapist over past 18 years, ATHMA KALARI has imbibed Kalari as a way of living in students life and adapted them to make better suited for the modern realities. Carefully designed blend syllabus which involves rigorous Kalari training ,classical yoga meditation. There are more than 1000+ Registered students who trains through personal classes residential programs and online classes and also there our teacher training courses being taught to students who are ready to take Kalaripayattu as a career.

Know your Gurus

Vipin Das Gurukul has been active in the field of Kalari for more than 25 years and Yogachargya Subodh and his team has been dedicated into offering Yoga about 10 years


Vipin Das Gurukul has been active in the field of Kalari for more than 25 years from his age 7. his family has the relation With Kalari for generations and he started to learn it from his grandfather in his childhood along with his cousins both his paternal and maternal grandparents were exposed in Ayurvedic treatments like Visha chikitsa , Kalari chikitsa, Marma chikitsa . Then he learnt Vadakkan Kalari from Sri Vijay and Gurukul Madhya Kerala from Shri Jamal Kalari and Kadathanadan from Sri Babu Varghese. He has been able to mould many state-level Yoga champions gymnastic champions. He has also mastered Kalari mamma therapy Kathakali oil massage Ayurveda and yoga therapy. His treatment have many elements revival in todays including paralysis musculoskeletal pain cervical and disc problems.

If you enroll yourself for this meditation training, you will experience the following:


Yogacharya Subodh Negi is the mentor and founder of Moksha Yoga Center. After a few years of rigorous working schedule and the bad posture while sitting for eight hours, he decided to change his lifestyle into a healthy one. Therefore, resigning from his job and introducing himself to yoga at Patanjali Yog Peeth, Acharya Subodh Negi became a P.G. Diploma student in Yoga Health at University of Patanjali. He graduated as the first batch ever to graduate from the University of Patanjali. He was also appointed at Ptanjali Yogpeeth by Swami Ramdev himself. Continuing his further studies in Yoga and Holistic Health he then post graduated in the year 2012. Yogacharya Subodh Negi established his own Yoga studio as Moksha Yoga Center in the year 2012 itself. Since then he has been running this yoga studio successfully from past 11 years with having more than 4000 students and still counting.

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Vipin Das Gurukul has been active in the field of Kalari for more than 25 years and Yogachargya Subodh and his team has been dedicated into offering Yoga about 10 years


Queen of Hills: Dehradun


Breathtaking Destination

Our centre is surrounded by lush greenery of Dehradun overflowing with scenic views that will capture your heart and provide you much needed positivity.

Healthy Daily Practice

The town of Dehradun boasts a valley setting that’s very conducive to yoga and meditation.So for enthusiastic yogis there really is no better place to go to deepen your practice


Besides taking care of our own selves we also try to help our society by distributing books and clothes among the poor


Trekking in the hills of Mussoorie is another way to stay fit, healthy and feeling the nature.


The easiest way to know and bond with each other in a little get-togethers.

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